Terry R. Wickham Filmmaking Boot Camp

In an effort to make his upcoming Filmmaking Boot Camp class more affordable for students and adults alike, the four-consecitive Saturdays course has a new price of $220

The Award-winning filmmaker says, “I want to make sure more people who want to learn how to make a movie can afford my course. This includes students.

I’m super excited to teach people things I never knew by just reading books or even from film schools in traditional settings.  What I am going to talk about will be unique because it’s based on my experience of making films from the ground up for the past 30 years. I went to film school at NYU and American Film Institute but most of my teaching will come from my direct experience of making movies and everything I’ve absorbed my whole life as a film fanatic.

Some examples would be not just technically how to write a proper screenplay but the ideas and thoughts that should be considered when doing a script. I have all sorts of little tips on how to make the process quicker and more productive.

Another thing will be when working with the actors on a movie, the key important things like how to speak an actors language that must be considered to get good performances, at the same time inspiring not just the performers but the crew.

I’ll be letting people know how they can get the most out of their production dollar and even in some situations how to get around things where you may not have money to normally get.

I can’t wait to see who turns out and I feel honored to get the opportunity to give them the knowledge to become filmmakers themselves. ”

Register now for only $220


Double Vision needs your Help to get made

Wednesday April 4th, Writer-Director-Producer Terry R. Wickham got together with Double Vision Cinematographer Nick Prainito to watch John Carpenter’s Halloween & the late Wes Craven’s Scream 2.

The filmmaker selected these two movies specifically in relation to his vision for the upcoming love story suspense thriller. The film needs your help to actually get made. You can contribute by going to:

Gruesome Threesome ADR complete

Left to right Gruesome Threesome Editor/Sound Designer Bryan Lopes, Chanise Renae and John Logan

One week ago today (3-27-18) actors Chanise Renae and John Logan got together with Gruesome Threesome Editor/Sound Designer Bryan Lopes to record the ADR necessary to finish the webcam wraparound for the feature film.

From what Director Terry R. Wickham was told, as he was not in attendance, they had an absolute blast.

Now the film can be wrapped up audio wise and the music score will be created by Music Composer Houssem Turki.  Very exciting development.