“Double Vision” Script UPDATE

Writer/Director Terry R. Wickham says, “I wrote 14 pages of interaction between the two main characters that develops them both as mature characters the audience will care deeply about. I tried to do my best to make their action & dialogue heartfelt with emotional warmth, sincerity and little touches of subtle humor I believe will help coax the audience into loving them. I’m working to make things understated and free of cliché.
Tonight I got to the point in the script where things will start to shift to the terror that will soon befall them. The suspense also must be handled with subtly and finesse. But make no mistake things are about to get crazy intense.”

Devil’s Five Review

Devil’s Five was a thrilling film which combined horror, drama and with spots of laugh out loud comedy.  The passion and talent of the director, Terry Wickham, was seen throughout the movie in which he and his two partners seamlessly intertwined 5 individual short films into a comprehensive and compelling story, including the wrap around, which brought everything together.  Looking back there were many highlights including the Abandoned and Stash, which had elements of heart thumping suspense, as well as great cinematography.  Overall, it was a terrific film that I was thrilled to be able to attend the Premiere!

Terry begins writing the script for his next project

Filmmaker Terry R. Wickham has started writing the script for the next film he makes.  Wickham says, “It’s the first script for a movie I’ve written since Abandoned. It’s going to be part of a proposed web series or TV show I’m going to partner up with a couple other companies on.
All I can say is that it begins as a love story. I really want the audience to care about these characters before things get super scary. I’ve challenged myself to write the most scary, suspenseful piece I’ve done so far. I’m definitely having fun writing, especially the tender beginning before darkness falls.
And real joy is that as a filmmaker, I can totally see the scenes, moments play out in my head. Right now I’m calling it “Double Vision.”